Mobile Game Publishing Done Better

Mobile Game Partners and Digital Development Management have joined forces to provide mobile publishing services under a new model designed to increase the success of each release.

We provide the services necessary for publishing and work in partnership with the developer, while bypassing the exploitive business practices common from many mobile publishers today.

The ChargeUp Difference

Fairer Publishing

Many mobile publishers today will play a numbers game — sign as many titles as they can and see what sticks. In exchange for around half of your revenue, sequel rights and sinking their claws into your IP, they will make little to no guarantees.

ChargeUp Games is different. We are a team of industry veterans who believe developers deserve better. We know a fair publishing model is a benefit to everyone — the developer, the publisher and the gamer. We have spent our careers working to bring greater opportunity to developers, with fairness and transparency as our key principles — this is why ChargeUp Games exists.

Quality Over Quantity

Publishers can typically add value to only a certain number of games because there are bottlenecks throughout the process. We refuse to let any client slip through the cracks by only working on a small number of games to give each one the opportunity to shine.

Executives Not Interns

The average member of the ChargeUp publishing team has over 15 years of gaming experience. We have worked on some of the biggest mobile games in history, including multiple #1 grossing games such as Kingdoms of Camelot, Marvel: Content of Champions and Deer Hunter. From user acquisition to game design, and from platform relationships to new user flow, we have the experience to give your game the best opportunity for success in the market.

Our Services

Soft Launch Services

  • Soft-launch planning to optimize for launch
  • User acquisition setup and execution
  • KPI review and modification recommendations
  • Platform representation for possible featured placements
  • Connecting to marketing, localization, QA and other services as needed
  • General gameplay / UI feedback and recommendations

Launch & Live Services

  • Go-to-market planning and execution
  • Platform/App Store representation and pitch services
  • UA funding planning
  • Post-launch product roadmap planning
  • Ongoing game analysis with the goal of improving monetization, virality and user engagement
  • User acquisition services and support
  • ASO services and support
  • Business development for other distribution possibilities
  • Assistance with other marketing and business development services as needed

Our Mission

The MGP team are mobile business experts known for their focus on integrity and with a stellar track record of success. DDM’s mission as an agency for the video game industry is to bring more opportunity to game creators to support, distribute and publish great games.

Together we believe in better mobile game publisher business models and mutual respect for the parties involved. We have worked to create an alternative path to market — one made up of a true partnership with fair business terms.

MGP’s publishing knowledge joined with DDM’s international reach and resources is a powerful combination. We are at your service.

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